Grant Assistance Application

  • Number Of Personnel

  • Educational Facilities

  • Commercial Facilities

  • High Risk or Vulnerable Facilities

  • Number of Buildings Over Three Stories

  • Grading Level

    Submitters will be graded based on the following characteristics

    1. Completion of required information

    a. 3 points-Completed entire form
    b. 2 points-Completed less than entire form but more than 50%
    c. 1 point-Completed some of the form but less than 50%

    2. Time frame in which they wish to obtain grant

    a. 3 points-Immediately
    b. 2 points-Within Three Months
    c. 1 point-Within Six Months
    d. 0 points-A Year or Longer

    3. Dedication to competitiveness

    a. 3 points-Project Impact includes statistics and ability for organization to show commitment to showing impact
    b. 2 points-Project Impact includes discussion of impact and how it relates to the need of the organization but does not include statistics
    c. 1 point-Project Impact shows some consideration into the risk and need of the organization
    d. 0 points- Project Impact does not show any consideration into why they need the project or equipment

    4. Dedication

    a. 1 point-Point of Contact is quick to return information and is involved.
    b. b. 0 points-Point of Contact does return information but takes more than a reasonable amount of time to return information.

    5. Authority

    a. 2 points-Have authority of jurisdiction to apply for grant(s)
    b. 1 point-Have applied for grants and have ease to ask for permission
    c. 0 points-Do not have permission and or unsure how to ask permission
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