High Pressure Multi Manifold

High Pressure Multi Manifold


Provides a means of quickly connecting standard 3/4″ hose to hydrants, fire hoses, or fire apparatus. Constructed of corrosion free aluminum pipe, fittings and 500 PSI certified brass 1/4 turn ball valves. Ideal for multiple hose connections. Used for many applications such as decontamination, overhaul, and wild land fires.


  • More hoses, fewer parts
  • Better water flow
  • Stable, strong construction
  • Valve working pressures certified 0-500 PSI
  • NH threaded rocker lug inlet couplings standard
  • Custom inlet threads and configurations available

All models UPS shippable



* 1 1/2″ (3.81cm) inlet/3 valve outlet
* 7.5″w (19.05cm) x 4.5″h (11.43cm) x 12″l (30.48cm)
* 4.5 lbs. (2.04kg)


* 1 1/2″ (3.81cm) inlet/6 valve outlet
* 8.5″w (21.59cm) x 4.5″h (11.43cm) x 12″l (30.48cm)
* 5.2 lbs. (2.35kg)


* 2 1/2″ (6.35cm) inlet/3 valve outlet
* 7.5″w (19.05cm) x 4.5″h (11.43cm) x 13″l (33.02cm)
* 5.0 lbs. (2.27kg)


* 2 1/2″ (6.35cm) inlet/6 valve outlet
* 9.0″w (22.86cm) x 4.5″h (11.43cm) x 12″l (30.48cm)
* 6.5 lbs. (2.95kg

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