LED Light Towers with 11’ Reach from Base

LED Light Towers with 11’ Reach from Base

The CL Series features Command Light’s largest light towers with a reach of up to 11 feet from its base.  These units are designed for large apparatuses and are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum alloy to reduce weight while adding strength. The CL Series features a variety of LED fixtures choices.


  • Full deployment in less than 15 seconds
  • Continuous 360° rotation
  • 100% electric (no air or hydraulics required)
  • An all-weather, virtually maintenance-free tower
  • Ability to overhang the side of the vehicle
  • One-touch auto park
  • 15-foot umbilical cord
  • 5-year warranty


  • Number of Heads: 6 or 8
  • AC Fixtures: Akron Scenestar, FRC Spectra, FRC Spectra Max, Whelen Pioneer Plus PFP2 or Whelen Pioneer Plus PFP4
  • DC Fixtures: FRC Spectra, FRC Evolution or Whelen Pioneer Plus PFH2
  • Total Output: 90,000 – 240,000 lumens, depending on number of heads/fixtures

General Options:

  • Backlighting (ability for bottom row of lights to rotate 180°)
  • Top-mounted strobe
  • Panel-mounted controls
  • Wireless controls
  • V-Mux / Class 1 controls
  • Custom colors
  • AC or DC power

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