ResponseMaster® – Steer Axle Suspension
ResponseMaster® – Steer Axle Suspension

IFS 20K and 24K

Specify IFS instead of solid axle and leaf spring systems.  Don’t let the slick marketing fool you.  Whether it’s STEERTEK NXT with leaf springs or a forged axle with leaf springs, this is outdated technology suited for dump truck and waste haul applications not for a modern vehicle responding to an emergency in which lives are on the line.

The ResponseMaster® IFS family for custom fire and rescue vehicles combines refined ride quality and rugged design. Superior maneuverability and handling increases safety for the fire fighter and reduces response time in the most demanding conditions.


  • Koni 99 shock absorbers
  • Rugged components
  • Removable cross members
  • Industry standard components
  • ARK (Air Retention Kit) for use with outriggers
  • 9″ ride height
  • TAS85 TRW twin gear box with auto bleed
  • Eccentric alignment adjustment


  • Improved ride, excellent roll control and long shock life
  • Withstand the rigors of fire truck service both on and off road
  • Easy transmission filter changes
  • Parts are available on short notice to address truck down situations
  • Eliminates shock damage caused by outriggers down
  • Increased overhead clearance
  • Simplified steering set up
  • Caster, camber and toe are all easily modifiable

Learn more about the ResponseMaster® IFS family 

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