The Klatt Locking Airbag Tool
The Klatt Locking Airbag Tool

The K.L.A.T (Klatt Locking Airbag Tool) is a patent pending, heavy duty vinal and nylon, protective steering wheel airbag cover. We have spent more than 6 years of research and development making this safety product. We are First Responders, EMTs, Paramedics and Fire Fighters, making products for those who provide care in the field.

The purpose of the KLAT is to protect the first responders and patients from airbag deployment mishaps during the initial care and extrication of these victims. FACT: If the vehicle has been involved in a collision, and the airbags have not deployed. they could inadvertently deploy at any time without provocation. These airbags may deploy at 100 to 200 mph, hitting both first responders and Patients .. potentially causing injury or death.

The KLAT is shipped ready to use in a 20” long X 10” wide X 3” thick, yellow vinal protective bag. A laminated instruction card is zip tied to this bag. You may also access directions on our U- TUB Channel: “American Safety EMT” (The KLAT directions) The Bag has two heavy duty handles with Velcro closure for easy access, and storage. This bag will keep the KLAT dirt and grease free during its 5 year shelf life.

This KLAT device can be deployed in as little as 10 seconds, ready for patient care and extraction… Removal of the KLAT takes around the same amount of time.

The KLAT (Klatt Locking Airbag Tool)
Weight: Under 2 lbs
27” diameter around Vinal shield
1 ¼” Nylon Webbing Support Structure
5mm polyester braded cord for cinching device around steering wheel
Metal clamp by Petzle “The Basic” used to hold cinch line

Self-Life: 5 years from date of manufacture or 1 airbag deployment. I.E. Airbag is deployed while the KLAT is attached to steering wheel.

Note: (If a deployment happens, in the KLAT, it is recommended to replace the device. Please contact us with debrief of incident and we will give you a 10% discount on a replacement device)

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