WorkMaster Suspension – MODEL 102
WorkMaster Suspension – MODEL 102

The Reyco Granning model 102 steel spring drive axle suspension has a proven track record as a rugged, reliable truck suspension. Rugged enough in fact, to see duty on combat military vehicles as well. This suspension is offered on many Class 7 & 8 vocational trucks


  • Single axle, 19,000 lb (8.6 t) to 28,000 lb (12.7 t) load capacity
  • Tandem axle, 38,000 lb (17.2 t) to 46,000 lb (20.8 t) load capacity
  • 9.75” (248 mm) to 11” (279 mm) mounting height
  • 50” (1270 mm), 52” (1321 mm), and 60” (1524 mm) axle spread
  • 104” (2642 mm) frame rail length


  • Cast, adjustable torque arms and rubber bushings allow the suspension to absorb “diagonal walk” without transmitting stress to the vehicle
  • Cast hangers and axle seats
  • Springs designed to create a cushined ride, loaded or empty
  • Axle seats are available for all popular drive and tag axles in a wide range of sizes and pinion angles.

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