IdentiFire Accountability Rear and Shoulder

Introducing the new IdentiFire® SCBA Accountability System. This product is attached onto your SCBA rear tensioner strap and Shoulder Strap using NFPA compliant Nomex material, and then secured with commercial grade – Fire resistant Velcro. Each Tag is then secured to the Nomex with velcro, making them removable and interchangeable as you see fit.

This is a great option if you have multiple units operating on scene, allowing the Incident Command and other units know which unit is which. The ability to interchange the tags is also a great way to use your resources on scene and let everyone know on scene that a fire company has a specific task. For example, if your Chief assigns Ladder 1 as “RIT”, and has RIT tags on his command board, all he has to do is take your Ladder 1 tag, and replace it with the RIT tag. Now, everyone on scene knows who the dedicated RIT team is. This is just one example of a great way to use this system.

Manufacturer: Identifire

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