Lentry® All-Terrain Portable Scene Lighting – Exhibit/Booth Walk Through

During this brief walk-through of our booth at an expo, you can see all-terrain Lentry® Lights. The first is model 1SPECS-C,with its legs and pole retracted and V-Spec LED in the case. Then you see our 2-Headed V-Spec LED light head in a case (available on model 2TWSPX-C only). In the back of the booth you see two models fully extended, 2STARX (LED) and 2WIDEX (halogen). All of these are used for lighting very large areas (job sites, work sites, emergency scenes) and are used by firefighters, utilities, public works, military, construction, and many other industries. Call 888-257-8967 for more info or visit ventry.com.

Manufacturer: Ventry Solutions Inc

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