VENTRY PPV Fan Propeller Safety Demonstration

A firefighter is next to a VENTRY® PPV Fan when, at full RPM, the fan is stabbed with a pike pole!

For 25 years, we have talked about how safe VENTRY Fans are, among their many benefits. Now we have released this video demonstrating this fact.

As the engineer responsible for VENTRY Safety Propellers, our CEO James Neils stood beside our largest gas-powered model, directly in the debris path, while our colleague impaled it with a pike pole. The fan was at full RPM.

As designed, the stricken area of the VENTRY PPV Fan propeller disintegrated harmlessly into tiny wood chips, sawdust, and fabric. The unaffected portion of the prop remained intact and continued to move air. James and five onlookers were unhurt. Besides the prop itself, the fan was also undamaged and was returned to service in a few minutes after prop replacement.

VENTRY Safety Propellers are made in a proprietary process that pressure-bonds Kevlar® and fiberglass over a cedar core, making them very durable and robust as well as uniquely safe.

We hope to make it clear how safe our fans are and to get viewers thinking about fan safety before it becomes an issue on scene. Users should consider not just how a PPV fan will help things go well but also what will happen if something goes wrong. VENTRY Fan users can rest assured their fan is fail-safe.

Testimonials on show why this level of safety is essential. See for a powerful first-hand experience that any fire fighter could encounter.

Manufacturer: Ventry Solutions Inc

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