FAST Rescue Solutions, LLC

FAST Rescue Solutions, LLC

401 E. 4th Street
Bridgeport, PA 19405

United States
Chris Simpson

FAST Rescue Solutions is dedicated to developing innovative products and training solutions that meet the constantly evolving challenges encountered by first responders. Our mission is to develop products and training that surpass currently accepted industry standards and that meet the operational challenges of the real world.

Our team of Subject Matter Experts bring over a century of combined experience in firefighting, RIT, technical rescue, law enforcement (including SWAT, Mobile Field Force, and bike patrol), and training Military Units.

The FAST Rescue Board is the ultimate rescue platform designed for maximum versatility and ease of use. Originally designed for Rapid Intervention in firefighter rescue, this system also excels in the fields of Confined Space, Hazardous Materials, Active Shooter Response, and all other areas of patient packaging, extrication, and transport. With the addition of the FAST Flotation Device the FAST Board is setting a new standard for water and ice rescue. Constructed with industry standard webbing and hardware, the innovative rapid packaging features will have your patient packaged and moving in seconds.

The FAST Shield is an innovative, multi-disciplinary tool designed as a force multiplier in any incident.  FAST supports the growing trend for law enforcement, Fire, and EMS to work together during an event as Fire and EMS personnel increasingly find themselves in situations that expose them to the same threats as law enforcement.  With the additional of a FAST Ballistic Panel the FAST Shield enables law enforcement a higher level of protection and capability.  In addition to an officer down rescue device The FAST Shield can be used as an entry shield, impact weapon, breaching device, and restraint device.  The FAST Shield is rapidly increasing officer safety and response.401 E. 4th Street BLDG 8 FL 3

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