ROM Roll Up Doors Series IV
ROM Roll Up Doors Series IV

The new Series IV roll up door offers a stronger lift bar that will not bow or bend, an over-molded idler wheel for quieter operation, an improved inner seal for enhanced performance, and a grooved finger pull plate for improved grip. These are just a few of the many enhancements that make the Series IV the door preferred by first responders.

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Why Specify R·O·M Roll-Up Doors?

R·O·M engineers roll-up doors to last. We recognize that these doors will be put to the test each day that they are in the field, and R·O·M doors are built to meet that test.
  • R·O·M testing of roll-up doors is ongoing. Abusive, repetitive cycle testing is always underway in our R&D department to ensure we build the industry’s toughest roll-up doors.
  • Roll-up doors often last longer than traditional swinging doors because they cannot be torn loose when leaving the station, or ripped loose by other vehicles at the scene.
  • R·O·M introduced roll-up doors to the industry in the mid 1980’s, and thousands of these doors are still in active use today.
Ease of use
When emergency personnel are responding to a call, every second counts. R·O·M builds a number of conveniences into our roll-up doors that make them the easiest operating doors in the industry:
  • Each roll-up door has a full-length finger pull and lift bar, which ensures personnel with heavy gloves will not encounter difficulties accessing compartments.
  • Standard roll-up doors have a counterbalance, which means emergency personnel need only to lift the roll-up door approximately half of the way up before the door is “assisted” by the counterbalance.
  • For the ultimate in speed and convenience, R·O·M has pioneered power operated roll-up doors. These doors allow unprecedented compartment control when responding to critical circumstances. No other means of compartment security allows emergency personnel access to their equipment before they have exited the apparatus.
Attractive appearance
If looks did not matter to fire departments, then all trucks might be painted red or yellow. R·O·M roll-up doors simply add another dimension to the overall aesthetics of emergency equipment.
  • Satin finished doors offer a smooth anodized surface that retains an aluminum color. These doors can easily hold striping or decals that integrate with the overall appearance of the vehicle.
  • Brushed finished doors offer a brushed texture that is also anodized. The brushed texture helps to hide small scratches or fingerprints that detract from a vehicles appearance. Brushed finished doors also retain an aluminum color that can hold stripes or decals.
  • Wet painted doors are also available should a department wish to have their roll-up doors match the paint of the vehicle body. R·O·M has a precision quality paint room on site to retain full process control and strict quality standards. Custom wet painted schemes are also available upon request, though specific requests should be made through field representatives or factory sales personnel.
The nature of the roll-up doors, combined with unique R·O·M features, provides increased productivity to fire personnel.
  • M4000 Power Doors and Locks allow firemen to access the compartment immediately. Plus, they are not requested to work around, or remove equipment past obstacles like swing doors.
  • Roll-up doors, combined R·O·M’s LED Compartment Lighting System, allow for complete visibility of the equipment in the compartment so emergency personnel can access quickly.
  • The light-weight design allows for lower vehicle weight so more equipment can be carried.
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