Firefit Firefighter Fitness Trainer

7501 W Rockwell Rd
Canyon, TX 79015

United States
Randy Johnson

Firefit Firefighter Fitness Trainer is an all inclusive fitness training apparatus that incorporates 7 fireground tasks into one piece of fitness equipment. Designed, patented and owned by an active duty firefighter, I was seeing a trend of departments not having any kind of fitness program. From experience with my own department and talking with other departments, it seemed that building a formal program and annual evaluation program was more than most wanted to tackle. That got me to thinking, but never did take on the task. I worked out regularly, went through the annual department evals, but felt something was lacking from a tactical fitness training perspective for firefighters.

What started as a doodle on paper while reading through a promotional book that emphasized the importance of fitness as a firefighter has evolved into a piece of tactical fitness equipment and a full fitness program for firefighters. Not only is a Firefit trainer a tactical fitness trainer that will help build cardiovascular and muscular endurance, it helps firefighters build muscle memory for some of the more strenuous tasks we may encounter as firefighters. Firefit trainers are turn-key, 7 task fitness trainers that rival most any other fitness products in its versatility, portability and Firefits’ ability to help departments evaluate members and candidates with our proprietary evaluation forms that can be tailored to your individual department.

We have done the hard work of building the Firefit program, so your department can simply put a Firefit trainer into service and immediately begin your fitness and member/candidate evaluation program. We can also help you build your own program tailored around your Firefit trainer.

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