211 Warren Street, Suite 218
Newark, NJ 7104

United States

Joe Gonzalez… a career firefighter in the State of New Jersey, is located in the Oranges or the “urban sprawl of Newark NJ”. As the founder of Creative Safety Concepts (CSC Group LLC), Joe has dedicated his energies to developing and manufacturing cost effective lifesaving technologies that will assist firefighters and emergency responders with being visible amongst each other during critical incidents where low visibility is a complicating hazard. Joe’s efforts in developing his patented Glo-Jo technology has spanned a decade, involving comprehensive research and development that ranges from physiological studies of the human eye, to reviewing US Military applications of various illumination technologies. Professional experience and personal commitment motivate CSC Group LLC to develop products that offer firefighters and emergency responders the invaluable benefits of Enhanced Positional Awareness©. Some experiences that Joe draws from have not only impacted him on a personal level, but have also impacted the history of the fire service forever.

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