Heat Straps, LLC

80 Surrey Lane
Tenafly, NJ 07670

United States
Jordan Lang

When it’s time to get off the rig and serve your community, have the confidence knowing that you will have your fire gloves securely fixed to your wrists and you will be ready for action. You can count on Heat Straps LLC for quality products that will give you peace of mind knowing that you will not lose your gloves during the chaos happening on the fire grounds. Our goal is to have every firefighter in the United States wearing Heat Straps. Our mission is to make sure no Firefighter will lose his or her gloves in an IDLH environment. We guarantee you receive only the best quality products delivered to you in no time and totally hassle free.

Jordan Lang is a third-generation firefighter who pursued his dream of becoming a career firefighter in Jersey City, New Jersey after graduating college with a finance degree and working in the Manhattan construction industry for several years. While in the fire academy, Jordan realized how difficult it was to keep his gloves in a convenient, safe place for easy on/off access without worrying about losing them. He decided to secure his gloves to his wrists with a strap, which quickly caught the attention of many fellow fire fighters thus creating Heat Straps LLC. Jordan has dedicated himself to creating products that will keep his fellow firefighters safe and give them the ability to serve their purpose more efficiently. Heat Straps are proudly made in the USA and composed of top of the line NFPA approved materials.

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