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United States
Peter Albrecht

INOVA HIGHTECH Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturer of Auto and Remote Start Kits for Military MEP Generators, covering all Models MEP 002A/003A/004A/005A/006A/007A/009A and MEP802A/803A/831A/804AB/805B/806B/807A
We have provided sales and consulting services to several Fire, Police, EMS and 911 Services throughout the United States – to provide Emergency Power Solutions for Stations, Call Centers, Remote Relay Transmitters and Mobile Rescue Power Plants.
The MEP Generators are the highest Quality and most reliable Generators available on the market. INOVA HIGHTECH LTD. is a active Defense Contractor [CAGE 6ZJM5] and all our Kits are designed to meet or exceed all applicable MIL Standards at a reasonable cost.

All our systems are designed to meet mission critical requirements by simply paralleling 2 or 3 Circuit boards and can be upgraded to Radiation Hardened (much higher cost) upon request.

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone to discuss your Emergency Power Needs!

P.S. Municipal Entities can procure rebuilt and completely overhauled MEP Generators through the Federal Distribution Program almost free of charge.

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