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***New Product Launch***

—July 25, 2022—

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A pressure governor has never been so easy to use. Take advantage of the large high, resolution Vivid Impact display for effortless navigation. High tactile buttons and a two-inch control knob are designed to make gloved operation easier than ever. With its bright display and rugged design, the PumpBoss Max LCD display is highly visible under sunlight and engineered to perform in extreme temperatures.

The PumpBoss Max pressure governor uses state-of-the-art programmable microprocessor technology which operates in one of two modes, pressure, or RPM. It maintains a steady pump discharge pressure within system capabilities by controlling the engine speed or holding a selected engine RPM.

PumpBoss Max can monitor both the pump intake and discharge pressure, providing improved defense against pump cavitations. The large, impact resistant 3.5″ (89 mm) LCD screen displays engine RPM and provides a constant display of engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, transmission temperature, and battery voltage. A message display shows the pressure or RPM setting during normal operations and fault warning alarms as they occur. When selected by the operator it will show monitored information, stored data, and programed options.

To learn more about the PumpBoss Max, please visit our website or call 631.724.8888.

For more information:

Bruce Quick

Marketing Coordinator, Safe Fleet: Fire, EMS, and Industrial

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 574-970-7633

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