American Fire Equipment Company

1823 Highway 20
Layton, IA 51030

United States
Craig Hillinger

Founded by Craig Hillinger, who has over 20 years of fire service experience. It was during a structure fire, in 2017, that Mr. Hillinger realized there had to be a better way to extinguish and control fires.

American Fire Equipment saw the need to create a nozzle with significant reach capabilities and that could apply water or foam from exterior locations. This lead to the A360 fire suppression nozzle, with spherical, spray pattern coverage. The nozzle is meant to be placed in the fire directly from an exterior position, allowing for much greater distances between the fire and the firefighter. The A360 will greatly increase safety to firefighters, reduce the risk of carcinogen exposures, property preservation, man hours and fire suppression time. The A360 and the A360s are easily deployable and have a flow rate of 200 gallons per minute creating a safer and more efficient way to suppress a fire. The unique cutting edge, patent pending design will change the way fires are suppressed going forward.

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