Responder Wipes

Responder Wipes

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Tonya Herbert

Responder Wipes® are “Healthy Firefighters” approved on-scene decontamination wipes developed for firefighters to clean off dirt, oil, and soot to remove the risk of harmful toxins and contaminants. Our Extra-Large wipe is 12″ x 24″ – the size of a hand-towel. Our Medium wipe is 8″ x 12″. Both are individually packaged so they will not dry out. Our Small wipe is 8″ x 8″ and comes 20 to a re-sealable multi-pack.

Responder Wipes® are uniquely formulated with micellar water which encapsulates the soot, trapping it in the fabric of the wipe and gently removing it from the skin. They are aloe and alcohol FREE. Why is this important? Both are known penetration enhancers, potentially opening your pores more before you have a chance to remove contaminants. The fabric is 100% biodegradable and extra thick so they won’t shred or tear, even with a 5 o’clock shadow. Our wipes are freshly scented, have no sudsy or sticky residue, and have a cooling effect without having to be kept on ice.

We also offer Responder Wash, an Activated Charcoal Shampoo + Body Wash designed to remove the smoke smell from your hair and skin. Regular shampoos and body washes are designed to leave you clean and fresh. However, they are NOT designed to remove toxins which can cling to the hair and skin. Responder Wash is extremely effective at removing these stubborn contaminates.

As part of an overall protocol designed to reduce the risk of exposure we carry the DOT System, which are also “Healthy Firefighters” approved products. This system of encapsulation bags and accessories is designed to encapsulate contaminated gear after a fire to minimize exposure to harmful contaminants. It is part of an overall recommended protocol to protect firefighters from occupational cancer and other illnesses.

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