FEBSS HydraSim® Basic System

FEBSS HydraSim® Basic System

The HydraSim® provides the illusion of external hemorrhage at the point of injury. Those that are trained have the opportunity to see and treat bleeding wounds with hemostatic dressings, pressure dressings, and tourniquets just like they would in a real situation. When coupled with the FEBSS Impact Simulation Trainer® (FIST®) the HydraSim® provides visual bleeding simulation AND the auditory impact simulation associated with the point of wounding during a traumatic event. These simple yet powerful additions increase the realism to any medical training event.

HydraSim® Basic Kit (FS-2000B) Packing List

  • FS-2001 – HydraSim with (1) Remote Control Transmitters
  • FS-1002 – HydraSim Re-chargeable Battery Pack and Battery Charger
  • FS-1005 – MultiSim Injury Fabrication Kit
  • No. 225 – (2) Simulaid Simulation Blood Packets
  • FS-1004 – 3 Gallon Refill Tank
  • FS-2003-BL – Hydrasim Field Pack

HydraSim® Deluxe Kit (FS-2000D) Packing List

The HydraSim® Deluxe Kit includes all items in the HydraSim® Basic Kit plus these additional items.

  • OP-SOF-T – (2) SOF-T Tourniquets
  • OP-FCP-05 – (2) Emergency Trauma Dressings
  • OP-170 – (2) QuickClot Combat Gauze Moulage Trainer
  • FS-1006 – Simulation Blouse (Coyote Brown)
  • FS-1007 – Simulation Trouser (Coyote Brown)
  • IM23750-00000 – Storm Case


HydraSim Basic Kit – Coyote Brown

HydraSim Deluxe Kit – Coyote Brown

Product Instruction:

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