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Do you need a Grant Writer? Would you like to hire one directly? Well, this is the place to be. Please fill out the form below and our grant writing specialists will be in contact with you concerning your needs.

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On Target Preparedness has a process that has proven successful in working with clients. This process allows us to know your organization the best and to ensure that you, as a client, understand what and how we operate on writing your grant.

The steps in this process are:

First, we begin by having a phone conference, or more preferably a video conference call. This allows us to get to know you, your organization, and your needs best. We will be asking questions such as:

  • What is your call volume?
  • What is your need or project for a grant?
  • Have you done any research on any specific grants?
  • Are you career, volunteer, or combination?
  • Have you applied for a grant for this project before?

During this conference we will also explain how our services work and how we do business to help you the best. This video or phone conference is completely free. The conference normally takes thirty minutes to an hour.

Secondly, we write up a short one-page proposal that explains what we are going to do for you, the cost for said services, and the estimated time frame for completion. This proposal is normally only good for 45 days from the date the proposal was created. If you accept the proposal, then a member with the authority to sign for your organization must sign and return an original copy of the proposal.

Third, we will begin working on your proposal. This will often take additional video or phone conference calls, research by OTP and your departmental staff, etc. The proposal will be built over time and your representative will be able to review it as we go. Once we complete a final rough draft, this proposal will be sent to your representative for changes, suggestions, and any other corrections you would like to see done. The department takes an active process in assisting the grant writer with fact-finding as well as statistics for the department and the jurisdiction.

Next, we will either submit the grant proposal on your behalf or provide the documents for you to be able to do so. This largely depends on what the grant proposal requires such as signatures, etc. Either way, your representative will have seen the entire proposal and approve it prior to submission.

Finally, if you are awarded the grant, we provide simple consultation to ensure that you are proceeding as per the proposal. If your proposal is rejected, then we will work with you to do an after-action review and see what corrections and further changes could be done to modify and further increase your chances based on the feedback we receive from the funding agency.

Outside of the full grant writing service, we also provide training and teaching on grant writing, assistance via consultation on specific grants should you wish to write the grant yourself, and many other similar type services.

Our bottom line is that we wish to see you succeed in obtaining grant funding for your needs.

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