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We are producer of Unique New System Portable Fire Pumps.

These are the main features:

* One of the most distinctive features of this pump from the other pumps is; the suction hose restarts self-suction again in couple of seconds even if it comes out of the water several times. With this feature, this pump has solved major problem that the pumps in the ships and firemen have encountered.

– It can operate in contaminated water,
– For the suction it will enough to get 20cm of strainer into water.
– Dry operability.
– No need any Priming System

* Suction at geographical 10 meters depth (although the phrase is suction, due to the nature of our patented system pushing the water up with the help of a propeller, that means there is no loss flow rate up to 10 meters). You may watch the demo,

* There is no any Priming System. Just click to start and the evacuation will be start in 4 to 7 seconds.

* It can operate smoothly in contaminated water and seawater.

* Dry working capability (working dry does not effect the operation. The pump will not stop running.

* All the pump parts are manufacturing in our factory, therefore there is no spare parts supplying problem.

* “P1 Diesel” shows higher performance with 23hp motors and max: 3600 rpm with, even though their counterparts use 70-90 horsepower motors to show even lower performance.

* It also has less fuel consumption than other competitors, which can achieve high pressures at low revs.”P1 Diesel” can oparate more than 5 hours with 20lt diesel.

* The pumps has corrosion-resistant 7000 series of material and long-lasting operation performance with anodized coating produced by advanced aluminum technology

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