Don’t Shortchange your Grant Opportunities

Are you looking for a grant for your fire department? Have you gotten upset when you find one or two and they are normally the federal grants like the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)? It has happened many times, and when it does, the grant writer normally gives up. Don’t shortchange yourself and your department! There are many more grants out there, but you must look for them.

So how do I find these other grants? There are multiple ways. First, talk to other departments about grants and what they have applied for in terms of grants. This network of grant writers from other departments can provide you with opportunities and be beneficial in writing grants. Next, think about what commercial industry is in your first-due and in your mutual aid response. These agencies have a vested interest in your department as you have in them. A great example of this is the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Grant. If your department is located within 50 miles of a Firehouse Subs, then you qualify. Finally, think outside of the box. Just because a grant does not say specifically qualification is for a fire department, still review the guidance. Sometimes it may mention community groups or agencies are eligible. I would say that in most cases, a fire department can qualify for a community group or agency.

Take the time to research outside of the common firefighter grants like AFG. I think you will find opportunities to request funding through other grants and use the AFG as needed as well.

Also, be sure to check out the opportunities on to ask a grant writer a question and even hire a grant writer for your agency!

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