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United States
Matt Hyman

IdentiFire® was founded by 2 Firemen in South Florida, 1 career and 1 retired volunteer. We take pride in our product and have made it our mission to stand out from the competition with excellent products and great customer service. Anytime you call our Customer Service number, you will get a team member from our main office, not a foreign rep in another country.

Being on the job, we know how hard it is to identify firefighters when we’re all in the same gear. IdentiFire® now makes it possible with our high-vis reflective and glow in the dark material to know who you’re talking to on the fire ground, and find your crew even in the worse conditions!

We know that competition is out there. It always will be. We don’t see competition as a bad thing, but rather an opportunity to be better than the rest. Have piece of mind that every IdentiFire® that is mailed out is hand made, by us. We don’t contract our work out to other nations or non-firefighter organizations. And as always, all of the materials that make IdentiFire® products are made in the great USA. We will never go overseas just to save a dollar, when our brothers/sisters rely on our products when they need it to perform.

We are committed to our product, our brand, and our fellow brothers/sisters. We are constantly releasing new products in this ever-evolving career that we have chosen. “See the Difference” with IdentiFire®, you wont be disappointed.

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