Locution Systems, Inc.

1626 Cole Boulevard, Suite 325
Golden, CO 80401-3311

United States
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Locution Systems, Inc. offers a comprehensive fire station alerting system for fire and EMS departments of all sizes that need to automate and streamline their emergency dispatching and deploy fire station alerting technologies. Locution Systems’ PrimeAlert® Fire Station alerting System includes:

PrimeAlert® – IP-based Fire Station Version: Locution Systems’ IP-based fire station alerting option which includes:  automated voice alerting with simultaneous dispatching capabilities, visual alerting displays & devices, audio alerting, zoned alerting, and automated mechanical control of fire station appliances & devices (bay doors, traffic lights, gas stove shut-off, etc.)
PrimeAlert® – Radio Version:  Locution Systems’ radio-based fire station alerting options allows for automated voice alerting and fire station controls via industry-standard radio systems.  With this radio version, automated voice alerting dispatches are sent sequentially rather than simultaneously via the fire-EMS department’s radio system.  This radio-based fire station alerting can be routed to fire stations, and to units and individual responders out in the field.
PrimeAlert® ZoneTracker Zoned Dispatching & Alerting:  Locution Systems’ zoned dispatching & alerting is designed to mitigate sleep deprivation at multi-unit fire stations.  Locution Systems ZoneTracker precisely routes dispatches and alerting functions directly and only to the responding unit (letting other units in the station sleep through the night).
PrimeAlert® Fire Station Mechanical Control Technologies:  Locution Systems’ fire station alerting system is capable of automated control of appliances and devices in and around fire stations, including apparatus bay doors, gates, traffic lights, and gas stove shut off.

Locution Systems’ products help public safety departments:

  • Speed response times by seconds and minutes
  • Reduce call stacking and delays in handling multiple emergency calls
  • Reduce stress for communications center dispatchers and responders
  • Reduce stress and sleep deprivation for first responders (fire and EMS units)
  • Minimize “please repeat” responses from responding units being dispatched
  • Help minimize 911 dispatcher staff turnover

Year Founded
1986 (Originally founded as GCN Electronics)
Golden, Colorado (metro Denver area)
Founded By
Glenn Neal, a pioneer in public safety technology

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