Stanley Aluminum Boats, Fire-Rescue-Dive

75 Tudhope Street
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Doug Coupar

Fire Rescue agencies utilize Stanley Aluminum Boats for multi-mission responsibilities, in sizes ranging from 20’ to 55’. Increasingly, these vessels are used as primary response units for SAR, before other agencies can muster their larger surface assets. If necessary, we can also equip our Rescue Boats for the special needs of On-Scene Coordinators, with multi-comms, premium night vision systems, and more.

All Stanley Rescue Boats can be customized for dive units that are working in difficult conditions during forensic search and recovery: for victims, weapons, submerged vehicles, or other targets. Options include the latest side-scan sonar, advanced underwater lighting, high-intensity surface lighting, dive doors with integral ladders and grab rails, bottle racks, and other features for prolonged ops. Stanley can even equip Rescue Boats with scuba compressors or dive heaters for longer bottom times in cold water.

Stanleys are ideal for flood emergencies and other heavy weather outcomes, in debris-filled waters. Fast deployment, rapid response boats can be launched and retrieved with minimal crew. Heavy duty, commercial grade all-aluminum construction is standard.

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