Continuum Preparedness

1100 W Littleton Blvd
Suite 455
Littleton, CO 80120

United States

Continuum Preparedness specializes in ready-to-download emergency response plans, business continuity programs, and disaster training scenarios. Business owners, school and community officials, emergency managers, and other professionals can choose to download a comprehensive program instantly, or partner with the experts at Continuum Preparedness to design a unique preparedness or training solution.

We can’t be sure what the shift has in store for us; it’s as random as pulling a card from a deck. With ExDecks™, players randomly draw cards that build out a unique scenario for them to discuss and work through together in a training environment.

ExDecks™ is a series of cards designed to prompt discussion around a variety of emergency scenarios. Any number of incidents can happen at any moment without prior warning and seemingly at random. Organizers may also choose to draw certain cards deliberately to build specific scenarios in order to address certain topics.

Due to the simple yet detailed nature of ExDecks™, participants can build complete scenarios in seconds; leaving more time to discuss, learn, and analyze response plans.

Thanks to the speed at which a scenario can be built, it is now easier than ever to integrate these critical discussions into weekly routines or during shift briefing sessions.

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