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LIFELINE™ Tactical Rescue Tools specializes in the design and manufacturing of high performance specialty fire-fighting equipment. While the company was founded in 2015, the design and concept development of its first product, the LIFELINE ™ Tactical Self-Extrication Tool, goes back several years. The concept of the LIFELINE ™ Tool and Sheath was originally created by one of LIFELINE’s owners, James Counsellor (Jay for short). Jay has been a firefighter for the past twenty-two years and is the ex-assistant fire chief of the municipality of Hawthorne, New Jersey. Jay has received several commendations, including the Hawthorne Fire Department Life Saving Award.

Several years ago Jay saw a growing problem in the field with rising numbers of documented instances of firefighters becoming trapped or entangled in wires or cables, for example, when ceilings collapse. The entanglement often occurs in the area of the firefighter’s SCBA. Firefighters have tried to use wire cutters or other types of knives to attempt to free themselves from entanglement situations, but those methods proved unreliable and ineffective. Shortly thereafter, Jay developed the concept of the LIFELINE ™ Tactical Rescue Tool with the dream of providing each firefighter in this country with a tool that can potentially save those that place themselves in harm’s way every day. At that point, LIFELINE™ was formed and collaboration with a myriad of engineers was required to develop the final LIFELINE ™ Tactical Rescue Tool. The end result – one of the most advanced state-of-the-art cutting instruments ever made.

LIFELINE™ is distributing the LIFELINE ™ Tactical Rescue Tool to non-military firefighters in the United States and abroad. FSI has recently partnered with a military distributor and is currently selling to U.S. military bases around the country. LIFELINE™ is now expanding and acquiring distribution rights for the best quality safety, firefighting and rescue equipment and gear in the industry. It is also in the process of developing additional products specifically aimed at providing firefighters and the military with equipment designed to save their lives.

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