FireGround Decon Store

1485 Banks Road
Margate, FL 33063

United States
Bill Banks

The FireGround Decon Store was established June, 2016, powered by FireTec Inc. Both are owned and operated by firefighters. Our mission is to provide our brother and sister firefighters the first line of defense with the best quality products and training/education when it comes to fighting and preventing CANCER in the fire service.

FireTec and the FireGround Decon Store offer the fire service the only UL verified ISP in the state of Florida and one of only 14 in the United States. In addition to an industry leading UL verified ISP service center, the FireGround Decon Store is leading the fight against cancer in the fire service by producing and offering leading edge products that will assist in lowering the risk of exposure to carcinogens to the firefighter. These products include the first and original “Fireground Decon Kit” to help minimize the time that these cancer causing chemicals are on our skin, cloth and equipment. These products that make up this break through Decon Kit will afford the firefighter the ability to gross decon themselves and put on a fresh uniform prior to leaving the emergency scene, significantly reducing the exposure to these cancer causing elements a firefighter is exposed to in its most damaging moments which is right after the incident!

The FireGround Decon Store offers all the products that make up the Decon Kit separately as well, such as the Firefighter Decon wipe which affords the firefighter the ability to quickly decon key areas of the body that are exposed to these cancer causing chemicals immediately after exposure. The FireGround Decon store also offers the new particle block hoods that will stop the soot from accumulating around the neck area.

The FireGround Decon Store and FIRE-TEC work with SaunaRay and other key entities to assist Fire Rescue Departments with technology and other resources available to fight our battle against cancer in our fire service. We will also work directly with Fire Rescue Departments to assist with the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for decon on the fireground. We offer the new “Firefighter Cancer Epidemic- A New Approach to Incident Command” class which was developed by our very own Instructor Chief. Bill Banks and is now being offered internationally and will be offered at next years 2017 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC).

Our goal as firefighters is to leave the fire service a better place and we cannot think of a better way then to stop this cancer epidemic in the fire service.

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