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Thank You for your interest in RescueONE® products. Since 1992, RescueONE® brand Connector Boats® have been THE choice of fire, rescue, and law enforcement professionals for water ops. The design of the RescueONE® boats, which was patented, allows them to connect to any other RescueONE® Connector Boat® in the world. This unique capability enables endless possibilities for several teams in mutual aid operations. Whether it is connecting boats end to end to form a long platform for traditional body recovery “dragging” operations or in a “T” or “H” or “4 square” configuration to perform heavy lifting or recovery missions, RescueONE® Connector Boat®s provide the most versatile water missions platform in the world.

Since the idea was born 26 years ago, the primary goals of RescueONE®’s designer and founder, Tony Lumpkin have not changed.  The original design of the RescueONE® Connector Boat® system has consistently provided a safe and affordable system to public safety professionals the world over.  This design allows personnel performing water based missions to focus on the mission without the personal safety concerns prevalent with other small boats. When multiple Rescue One boats are connected together, the capacity and stability of the working platform increases exponentially.

We have always created unique new products like our retractable dive platform for effective and safe dive missions that doubles as an aid in victim extrication, a portable fire pump that turns the RescueONE® Connector Boat® into a fire boat at a fraction of the cost of others and a trailer that stores, transports and launches two boats towed by one vehicle.

And we still want to hear more! Tell us what you need and we’ll make it AND make it affordable.

Today, the RescueONE® Connector Boat® system with it’s newest innovations, is the most versatile and affordable water access system available to fire/rescue and law enforcement personnel. Six hundred plus customers all over the world can’t be wrong.

RescueONE® Boats, Trailers and Accessories are built with the best materials by professionals in the USA for professionals worldwide.

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