What Is A Grant?

A grant in its simplest terms is the transfer of money from one organization to another for a purpose. For example, an organization may choose to start a grant for the purpose of providing funds for the updating of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for fire departments. However, some grants are done through an organization which purchases the requested equipment or supplies and delivers it to the requesting organization.

Who provides grants?

Grants are normally provided by one of three types of organizations.

First, public entities (i.e. governmental agencies) provides grants in many different areas including the fire service. The Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) is one such grant. The Federal Government and most, if not all, State Governments provide grants to various types of organizations.

Second, Foundations and Non-profit organizations provide grants. These organizations provide grants in a large variety of areas. Grants from these agencies could be for adoption expenses, college tuition, and for fire service related needs. Some business creates Foundations in which they do all of their charitable giving. Other Foundations and non-profits are created solely for the purpose of the charitable giving without a direct tie to any other organizations.

Finally, some businesses choose to give grants directly through their organization. These businesses normally tend to provide grants to organizations that are in the vicinity of one of their stores. They are investing in those that serve their company.

What provides the best chance to obtain a grant?

There are two things that you can do to improve your chances in obtaining a grant. First, simply put is to apply. Grant writing is like many other things. We must work at it in order to get better at it. If you do not apply, then that is the number one guarantee that you will not get a grant. Secondly, putting in hard work to properly complete a grant is vital. Odds are greatly improved when you put in hard work and effort to obtain a grant.

What is the process for writing a grant?

There are several steps in writing a grant. The grant writing process can be seen as cyclical in nature as well. The steps are:

  1. Identify your Needs
  2. Research Prospective Grants
  3. Develop Proposal based on Grant
  4. Finalize and Revise Proposal
  5. Submission of Grant Proposal
  6. Agency Review of Proposals
  7. Acceptance or Rejection
  8. Carry Out Project or Perform Review of Rejection

Each of these steps are important and none should be left out as they provide important aspects to your proposal and odds of obtaining a grant.

Are All Grant Proposals the Same?

No. Each agency that provides grants is different. Some grant proposals are done online, and others have to be mailed in. Some proposals can be written up within a few paragraphs while others may take many pages. This is why researching the grant itself is so vital to preparing for writing your grant proposal.

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